Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Roasted potatoes with buffalo chicken casserole

I was wanting a nice recipe to make a chicken casserole and the first place I thought of was on Pinterest.Who does not like Pinterest? Anyway,I saw this recipe and wanted to try it out and believe or not, everyone loved it!!!
Here is the original recipe page that I adapted mine from: Loaded potato and buffalo chicken casserole .The only thing that I did not do was add bacon (which I did not have in stock) and green onions. I did add some minced onions with the chicken.

Loaded potatoes with buffalo chicken casserole, cheesy broccoli and Hawaiian roll

2 lbs cubed chicken washed and seasoned with salt,black pepper,garlic and parsley

6-8 potatoes-peeled and cubed

Olive oil,salt,black pepper,buffalo wing sauce,paprika,garlic powder
(If you're wondering about that yellow thing in the pot-that was a piece of potato I threw in to tell me if it was hot enough to put the rest in :)

I sauteed my potatoes a few minutes and then removed them and put them in a greased baking dish

Meanwhile,I grated some cheese

I put the potatoes in the oven at 500 degrees(preheated)

I cooked the chicken in the remaining sauce and left to marinate

Every 15 minutes, I stir the potatoes in the oven

After about 35-40 minutes my potatoes were done cooking so I added the chicken and cheese in

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