Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crocheted hearts

I spend a lot of my relaxing time just surfing Pinterest and found a neat crochet pattern for mini hearts Click here for the pattern
It went pretty fast to create a heart (considering how long I have crocheted anything!). I then used that same pattern and when I ended, I just made 4 more chains and put an earring hook halfway in between and then slip knotted to form a loop at the end.

My little daughter loved them as soon as she saw them and wanted to try them on.They are too big for her but I could not resist taking out the pic to show her.She loved them!

How do you get pilling out from a sweater

I have been cleaning out my closet and putting away Summer clothes and hanging Fall weather ones up. I came across my favorite sweater.I only wore it twice and it is so comfortable but unfortunately,it got pilling from washing with other clothes. I tried to use a strong lint remover but to no use.Then,I finally took my disposable shaver and here is what I got. It still had some remaining.I had to be careful with the shaver though becase it could pull the fibers and snag some threads. I also had to go a particular direction with the shaver to get it and press lightly.If you have any ideas on how to get rid of pilled clothing,I would love to know.I am too attached to this to throw it out,especially when it is still particularly like new.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dollar Tree finds

I always get those plastic containers at the local Dollar Tree where everything is only $1.00. I was amazed to see that there were some pretty big ones this past week.I grabbed me only three and put them in my closet.I got a lot of tops in them.I think I am going to buy me a bunch more because I really do not know how long they are going to be in stock for.A lot of times we do not get the same items again.

Another great find I discovered was those vacuum bags.I have always wanted to try them out but they are a pretty expensive pack, so at the Dollar Tree, I found them being sold individually.I got me a large one and today, I used it for my Queen sized comforter and it did work! That is another thing I must get the next time I am back there.