Thursday, September 29, 2011

My yummy lunch

So, today I decided to make use of that London broil my hubby got.I seasoned it and sauteed it in a skillet and then added it to my pressure cooker with some beef broth.I let it cook until tender.Meanwhile,I made mac and cheese,fried okra,cheesy carrot-baked potatoes and had a salad with ranch dressing and a few kiwi slices.Yummy.Maybe fattening,but

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A little peek at my sewing stuff

I am not a great sewing person but I do love organization :).I used a bookshelf to store my fabric,threads etc (I got the spool rack on Ebay).

Crayon Roll

I made this crayon roll earlier this year for my little daughter.This is a great idea especially if you are taking a long trip.You can put any small items in the pockets- depending on how wide and long the pockets are.

What an awesome deal!

There is the annual miles long yardsale on Hwy 411 this week.We just stopped at two places today and the second place was really cool.Their prices were so much cheaper.I got me a brand new file folder organizer pocket chart.You know,the ones teachers use.It measures 37-1/2" wide by 40" tall with 27 pockets and name cards for dry erase.I grabbed it when the lady told me it was for $1.00! I wished she had more.When I came home,I googled it and saw it selling on sale at Amazon for $27.49!

My New Blog Site

I am so thrilled to start this blog Oraganized Chaos-Clutter Free101.I am such an organized freak.I have tons of organizing paraphernalia like baskets, bins, shelving, hangers etc.I have one problem: I need more hands!!! Ha ha!