Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Free book on Decluttering

Amazon has free Kindle books and I just found another free one on decluttering. I have not read it yet. Just remember that most books are free for only a limited time. This one is called "Declutter! The 7 day declutter bootcamp" by Vanessa Johnson.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Storage containers from yard sales :)

I just love my new storage container finds I got on my Saturday yard sale trip. In the photo below, you can see my three slender glass containers that I got for $2.00 total (2 were for $0.75 each and one for $0.50 cents!)  I put noodles, elbow macaroni and split peas in them. The other containers are what I got from previous sales. I use them for sugar, corn meal, rice and more pasta. I have one fat empty one at the back waiting for some flour :). The very first one on the back has my packets of Martha White's blueberry muffin mixes!

Glass containers from yard sales and store sales

Oh, and by the way, I recycled this used ice bucket (photo below) to put my spoons and spatulas in. I hate digging up a drawer trying to find a spoon or spatula.

Reycled ice bucket
It is so much fun to hunt for containers and other knick knacks but I have this obsession that I have to boil everything possible, so these containers had very hot,soapy baths for a few days before I decide to put my food in them.