Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My carrot surprise drink!!

After that disaster of yesterday's mix Click here to see the post, I went on a different angle today. I used 4 carrots, 1 pear (D'Anjou), 1 orange, 1 apple (Golden Delicious). It came out perfect for me!!! I tried to use just the carrot juice alone but I could not handle drinking it alone, so that is how I ended up trying out the pear,apple and orange.

By the way, that awful ginger strong tasting juice I made yesterday was still in the fridge. I had drank about 20 oz of it and had a jar left over.I could not bring myself to throw it away, especially knowing how much food costs! So, a little while ago, I added a whole tray of the strawberries, an orange and a pear to the mix.Now it is drinkable!!!

I am learning all these through trial and error to create a recipe that I want to stick with.

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