Thursday, May 31, 2012

Glue,glue and more glue!

I had a 20% discount coupon from Joann's that I received in the mail and yesterday I went to the mall where we had a Joann's store and found some amazing adhesives on clearance!
Here is what I got before the 20% discount :)
  • 2 bottles of Joann's Essentials 8 oz tacky glue @ $0.97 each
  • 1 glue pad @ $1.97
  • 1 Elmer's cement glue @ 0.97
  • 2 packs assorted Aleene's glue @ $0.97 each
  • 1 pack Super glue liquid plus @ $0.97
  • 1 Scotch pop-up tape @ $0.97
  • 1 pack Loctite Super glue @ $0.97
  • 3 packs Elmer's glue pen @ $0.50 each

Friday, May 25, 2012


Yesterday, I watched Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron, twice on Netflix. It was awesome! I love the Kendrick brothers and inspirational movies they make. It seems as if there is not one that is my favorite.So far,I love all what I have seen. I've seen Facing your Giants,Courageous and Fireproof. In Fireproof, there is this book called "The Love Dare". Wow,you have got to see the show to know what I am talking about but afterwards, you will want to buy the book.I do! I did not even realize it was a real book.I found it on Amazon.Not sure if I want to buy the actual paperback or if I want it on my Kindle which is so much easier to do :).

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Containers re-do

I am so glad to be able to get a little time to work some crafts in today. Remember my unique basket that I got for $1.00 at a yardsale? Here is the link to the post Cute basket. Well, I decided to decorate it by adding some gathered trim around the top edges of the basket and add some fabric scrapbooking flowers with a button center. Simple, yet cute!

Also, I did some decorating on a Folger's coffee bottle in which I used scalloped paper circles, pink grosgrain ribbon and felt ribbon roses. Then, with a Pirouline can, I used scrapbooking paper, lace trim around the top edge with a scalloped paper circle on the bottom, plus a scrapbook cutout to embellish the front of the can. And finally, I added scrapbooking paper, grosgrain ribbon for around the top edge of a kidney bean can, topped with a ribbon bow completed my projects for today.

Monday, May 21, 2012

More organizers

Here are a few things that I have organized this past week:

  • Plant stand from Big Lots (I got it for $10 on sale)
  • A mason jar to store Ziploc bags. I hate to see tons of boxes!
  • A huge jar (which we got at an auction) to store my granulated sugar. I have as yet to print my labels.

Organize your child's artwork and letters

My daughter loves to draw and sometimes, she makes these cute love letters or brings home some of her work from school.I hate to throw away these reminders of special moments so I went ahead and created a special organizer for the important ones.
I used a binder and page protectors and just slipped the work in. I even put one of her work (the heart shape) on the front of the binder which came with a plastic covering. I really like this idea because it becomes sort of like an album or scrapbook of memories and the page protector really helps.

A cute basket at a steal!

I am so happy to have found this basket at a yard sale for $1.00 ! I have never seen one like this before and plan to do something to embellish it- as soon as I can find the time!

Recycled tin can

Well, I finally got a little time to work on crafting. I have tons of empty tin cans that I had washed and put up to be crafted on.Here is one that I got done.
This can was a garbanzo can. I love garbanzos! I washed it and dried it first. Then, I used Mod Podge to stick scalloped circles onto it.I had tons of scalloped circles punched from wallpaper. You can just use a rectangular shaped paper to stick yours on but because I had lots of these circles, I needed to get rid of them and this was one way to do it.
After adhering the circles, I waited until it was dried before adding a fabric flower,topped by a felt circle and pearl bead. I also added a strip of ribbon scrap on the bottom. Another scalloped paper circle went on the underneath of the can. You can add whatever embellishments you want.