Monday, April 30, 2012

A work in progress

It has been a very tiring and frustrating few days but I finally got my office/craft room organized.It is still a work in progress because I have as yet to work some crafts into decorations.Just thought that I'd show you guys what I finally got accomplished.
My Scrapbooking Area (I have as yet to fill all my jars.Not enough time for this)

My Sewing and General Crafts

Sizzix Area

I got these Easter baskets for $1 on clearance at K-Mart last year

My computer stuff area

Another part of my sewing area.I used an old desk for a sewing table.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A setback to my major organization haul

It has been a roller coaster this week for me.After making up my mind on getting my major organization haul to do,I got sick again yesterday and had to go to the doctor.She told me not to eat any food yesterday because I was not keeping anything down.I was like starved! I hadn't eaten a proper meal since Sunday when the virus hit me.Today,I can eat some bland soup.It was my birthday on Tuesday and I missed our yearly celebration of Red Lobster! I long so badly to eat crabs and wild rice there.
Today,I feel very weak and my right eye has been hurting.I look around me wanting to start on my cleaning but cannot do it.Also next week,I will be doing substitute teaching at the Kindergarten class.That is for 10 school days so there goes another delay to my project.I guess I would have to wait until after school has closed,which will be in 26 days (yay!). Maybe I can squeeze a little dabble of project in between. My son will also be graduating high school in 3 weeks.Wow!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A new outlook

Well,it has totally been hectic this past week.My daughter had the stomach virus and is now finally getting over it but I've got it since Sunday.I feel awful but while I was bedridden on Monday,I 've been reading on my Kindle while I can.I had downloaded this fantastic book on organization by Kathryn Bechen.I have not finished it and I already want to start my organizing. I would highly recommend this book because she really guides you every step of the way.

I am in so much love with this book that right now,I have 3 sets of papers on my desk that I have started on drawing up plans of my bedroom and office.I am totally going to start my organizing anew.I realize that I really want my bedroom to be a place of retreat where I can just enjoy rest and relaxation.I do not need so many bookshelves with my crafts or office stuff in it.I also want my office to hold those items alone and no where else.I admit that I have craft stuff upstairs in the spare bedroom,in my living room cupboard, in my bedroom and office.
I am not feeling too well but I really would like to make a start on something so the only thing I want to get done today is my planning.Yes,put it in black and white before I actually get down on the nitty gritty as soon as I feel better.This stomach bug is really terrible and I just cannot wait to get better!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yardsale find and storage bench makeover

So this past Saturday,my hubby and I were just checking out a few yardsales and we came across this old bench.The top was an ugly colored vinyl and the bottom were two doors with no keys to open them.The previous owners apparently could not open the doors so they sort of ripped the top off.It was such a mess when we got it but we could not pass the deal we got because she told us that if we gave her $5,we can have it.My husband grabbed it. Originally,he was thinking of selling it over but asked me first if I wanted to keep it.I told him we can keep it so we brought it home and fixed it.We had to take off the ugly vinyl and remove the top from its hinges.Yes, you can see that stained sponge padding.We cleaned it and then I got some fabric from my stash and we recovered the top.Hubby took some Old English Leather and shined up the wood.Now, it is sitting on our front porch :). Not a bad deal for $5 ;)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Upcycled fabric covered box

I know I have not posted in a while but with Spring Cleaning and Easter break for the kids,I've been pretty busy.So to make up for this lapse,here is a tutorial I created today to show you how I recycled a mailing box.
Here is what you need:
  • a sturdy box
  • scissors
  • fabric
  • glue gun
  • spray adhesive (or any fabric glue you desire)
  • cardstock paper
  • embellishments
  • measuring tape or ruler
First cut the flaps out. Measure your box and cut your fabric for each side.Since my box was a square,I  cut 4 pieces that were 7-1/2 inches.I added an extra inch so that it can lap over. I did not use fabric for the bottom of the box.

Next, using spray adhesive, glue the fabric pieces to each side. Center the fabric so that there is a little extra on all sides.Fold over each piece to form a seam before adhering. Whenever you are folding over,make it triangled so that it looks a bit neat-sort of like when you are gift wrapping.
Note:Whenever you are using spray adhesive, do it outside or a well-ventilated area.You do not need to be breathing in any of those fumes.

Next, you fold the top excess of fabric on the inside of the box.Do the same for the bottom of the box.

Measure the bottom of the box and cut out a piece of cardstock and glue.I used hot glue because I was using paper and fabric but you can use fabric glue or the spray adhesive.
 Next, measure the inside of your box and cut 4 pieces.I measured my height and added an inch extra so that I can have a folded hem.Glue the pieces and crease the folded hem that is overlapping.Glue the hem.

After I glued the hem, I then added a piece of lace trim and rosette as embellishment.
There you have it!I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.