Friday, July 6, 2012

A scary storm

It is 9:58 am here at the moment and I am so thankful that we finally got our power and water back but most of all, I am thankful that we are safe.It all started out yesterday evening when I told my little one to let's take a walk.I asked hubby to join us and my daughter was having problems with her bike so we got delayed a few minutes.After having record heat this past week, it felt good that it was not so hot yesterday evening.I remember seeing a thunderstorm warning a couple counties from where we were and told my husband and he said it would not head our side.As we started walking, we noticed the sky was starting to get dark and the winds started picking up. It got breezier and breezier with lots of leaves flying through the air.We were a few hundred yards away when the wind was picking up speed and I told my daughter to turn around and head back to the house. We live in the country so either side of the road were trees.Pinecones started falling from the trees.I started to run while my daughter was pedalling to hurry home.My hubby joined us in the race.It was not too serious at first but when I heard all the howling and snapping of trees,I started to be scared because thoughts of trees falling on us kept swirling through my mind.I started to slow down and through gasps,I told my husband to keep an eye on our girl.I wanted her to be safe. My lungs were burning.I was having an asthma attack and my rescue inhaler was at home. I saw my daughter turned into the driveway and felt relieved that she was away from the trees. My hubby asked me if I was okay and told him no and that I wanted my Ventolin. I had to say it twice before he realised that I was having an attack.He rushed inside and brought my purse for me. I had to drop on the steps and take it. I thought I was going to pass out but thank God that I was able to breathe properly again. The wind kept on for a long while.Our neighbor next door had a tree fell.The power went out and we did not have any water until it was almost midnight. That experience being in the middle of that awful wind with the pine trees bowing dangerously low and snapping sound with leaves and pinecones pelting at us is one that I will always remember.All I could think of was the safety of my child while praying.God is so good to us.I thank Him for His many blessings!

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