Monday, October 1, 2012

Upcycled can-yarn wrapped

 I have so many inspirations from Pinterest and took some time off my routine to get into some crafting. One of the inspirations was a rope covered can. Well,I did not have rope but I did have yarn.I took some plastic canvas yarn, a tin can and hot glue gun and made my upcycled craft.

I just hot glued the beginning of the wrapping and then wound tightly around the can.I would put a dab of hot glue every now and then.Note that you have to keep pushing your yarn up so that there would not be too many spaces between each round of wrapping.

After finishing,I thought it was a bit too messy looking so I got some white grosgrain ribbon scrap and hot glued it to the rim. And since I was practising crochet hearts, I made a couple and hot glued it also onto the can and put a pearl bead on each heart.No rocket science.Now, that is the kind of craft I like!

I threw some colored Sharpie markers in the can.It can also make for a neat vase.

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