Friday, October 19, 2012

Repurposing a filing cabinet

So my darling hubby got two filing cabinets from a storage unit and he wanted to throw them away.I begged for them and finally, he relented. He just cannot see what I would want to do with filing cabinets! Well, this week I got help in taking them inside the house.I gave my little daughter one(who plays teacher every single day!) I have as yet to work on hers.
Well, here is what I did to mine in my office/craft room:

I cleaned it out and put some good ole elbow grease. Finally,I took some wallpaper we had remaining from years ago (no,I hardly throw away stuff-some of you know what I mean). I then stuck the wallpaper on both sides with Mod Podge. Good old Mod Podge-always there for me..haha!

Then,I used scrap circles punchouts which I had laying around.I'd punched these out with a scalloped circle punch. The paper is wallpaper-hehe. Then I Mod Podged those to the front.All because I am too lazy to take an X-acto knife to cut the handles out from a rectangle piece of paper.I love shortcuts, don't you?

I still have to give a final coat of Mod Podge to really seal all those circles in and put some labels on the drawers but here are some of the pics:


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