Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Upcycle old dry erase board as a picture frame

I have a few puzzles under my bed because I just hate to break them apart.I so love doing them but because of time and space,I hardly ever do them. Today, I was in the mood to work on getting some organizing done and saw the poor puzzles gathering dust. I know what you are thinking...why is there dust? Actually,my vacuum cannot reach under the bed and the bed is extremely heavy to move.That sucks!
So anyway, I brushed off the dust collected on my puzzle which was already stuck on a piece of cardboard. I took an old dry erase board that was just good enough to chunk in the trash.The writings could not be erased. The dry erase paint was coming off. I covered the dry erase board with black cardstock paper by using Mod Podge. Then I use the Mod Podge again to paste onto the black paper and stuck my puzzle onto it. Finally, I gave a layer of Mod Podge to coat the puzzle.

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