Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yardsale find and storage bench makeover

So this past Saturday,my hubby and I were just checking out a few yardsales and we came across this old bench.The top was an ugly colored vinyl and the bottom were two doors with no keys to open them.The previous owners apparently could not open the doors so they sort of ripped the top off.It was such a mess when we got it but we could not pass the deal we got because she told us that if we gave her $5,we can have it.My husband grabbed it. Originally,he was thinking of selling it over but asked me first if I wanted to keep it.I told him we can keep it so we brought it home and fixed it.We had to take off the ugly vinyl and remove the top from its hinges.Yes, you can see that stained sponge padding.We cleaned it and then I got some fabric from my stash and we recovered the top.Hubby took some Old English Leather and shined up the wood.Now, it is sitting on our front porch :). Not a bad deal for $5 ;)

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