Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A new outlook

Well,it has totally been hectic this past week.My daughter had the stomach virus and is now finally getting over it but I've got it since Sunday.I feel awful but while I was bedridden on Monday,I 've been reading on my Kindle while I can.I had downloaded this fantastic book on organization by Kathryn Bechen.I have not finished it and I already want to start my organizing. I would highly recommend this book because she really guides you every step of the way.

I am in so much love with this book that right now,I have 3 sets of papers on my desk that I have started on drawing up plans of my bedroom and office.I am totally going to start my organizing anew.I realize that I really want my bedroom to be a place of retreat where I can just enjoy rest and relaxation.I do not need so many bookshelves with my crafts or office stuff in it.I also want my office to hold those items alone and no where else.I admit that I have craft stuff upstairs in the spare bedroom,in my living room cupboard, in my bedroom and office.
I am not feeling too well but I really would like to make a start on something so the only thing I want to get done today is my planning.Yes,put it in black and white before I actually get down on the nitty gritty as soon as I feel better.This stomach bug is really terrible and I just cannot wait to get better!

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