Thursday, April 26, 2012

A setback to my major organization haul

It has been a roller coaster this week for me.After making up my mind on getting my major organization haul to do,I got sick again yesterday and had to go to the doctor.She told me not to eat any food yesterday because I was not keeping anything down.I was like starved! I hadn't eaten a proper meal since Sunday when the virus hit me.Today,I can eat some bland soup.It was my birthday on Tuesday and I missed our yearly celebration of Red Lobster! I long so badly to eat crabs and wild rice there.
Today,I feel very weak and my right eye has been hurting.I look around me wanting to start on my cleaning but cannot do it.Also next week,I will be doing substitute teaching at the Kindergarten class.That is for 10 school days so there goes another delay to my project.I guess I would have to wait until after school has closed,which will be in 26 days (yay!). Maybe I can squeeze a little dabble of project in between. My son will also be graduating high school in 3 weeks.Wow!

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