Thursday, February 7, 2013

Recycling a used dry erase board

So it is another day where the weather seems unpredictable. Yesterday was the first day of the year that I actually had to have my air conditioning in the car on while I was driving to get errands done and picking kids up from school. At the moment, it is very cloudy and sprinkling a little. After procrastinating for so long,I finally got to re-doing an old dry erase board/corkboard that my daughter no longer needed.
I used some chalboard paint.I got mine at Walmart for a little over $10 with taxes included.

Then I cleaned the dry erase part as much as I can. As you can see,the board was just not fit to write on. It was really messed up.I never knew that a dry erase board can get messed up. So much for assuming stuff. Just ignore the corkboard side. I was using that side to keep up with my bills and calendar.

Next,I used a foam brush that I got in the dollar store and painted one coat. This is what it looked like.
A word of advice here. I shook the can up before opening.I seemed a bit watery to me. Then I realized that I needed to find me a stick to mix it...a DUH moment for me! I used an old dowel that I had laying around.
I let that coat dry a few hours.Then I repainted it a couple more time, leaving some time in between coats. If I was not in such a hurry yesterday, I probably would have seen the runs but I did not until it was a bit late. Well, anyway, I think it looked much better than it was at the "throw away" stage.

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