Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Containers re-do

I am so glad to be able to get a little time to work some crafts in today. Remember my unique basket that I got for $1.00 at a yardsale? Here is the link to the post Cute basket. Well, I decided to decorate it by adding some gathered trim around the top edges of the basket and add some fabric scrapbooking flowers with a button center. Simple, yet cute!

Also, I did some decorating on a Folger's coffee bottle in which I used scalloped paper circles, pink grosgrain ribbon and felt ribbon roses. Then, with a Pirouline can, I used scrapbooking paper, lace trim around the top edge with a scalloped paper circle on the bottom, plus a scrapbook cutout to embellish the front of the can. And finally, I added scrapbooking paper, grosgrain ribbon for around the top edge of a kidney bean can, topped with a ribbon bow completed my projects for today.


  1. So cute! And functional. It inspires me to start working on some of my projects!