Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chicken Bake

As you probably can tell, I love chicken and cook it a few times a week.I find myself getting bored with the similar dishes week by week so yesterday,I tried a chicken bake.Here is what I did:

*boneless chicken breast-washed and seasoned.I use salt,black pepper,garlic powder and parsley.That is my house seasoning for any meat and poultry.I have done that for years.

*a box of  seasoned stuffing mix.

* a can of Cream of Chicken soup

*fresh or frozen mixed vegetables
 (if you are using frozen,make sure it is thawed out before you use)

* olive oil

I first sauteed the seasoned chicken in a little olive oil until it get a little browned. Then,I placed it in a casserole dish.(1st layer)

Next, I mixed the veggies and cream of chicken together and poured it over the chicken breasts.(2nd layer)

Then I added some hot water over the stuffing mix in a separate bowl until it is just soaked but not soggy.Then I put the stuffing over the cream of chicken/veggies mixture (2nd layer).The stuffing is the 3rd layer.

I baked it for about 25 minutes.

Chicken Bake

Yes,I eat from my daughter's ladybug plate too :)


  1. This looks so good! I cook chicken at least 3 times a week and am always looking for new recipes.

    I just found your blog and love it. My 4 roommates are men so organization is always something I am looking to do haha!

    Meg @

  2. Aww.thank you Meg!I looked at your site and loved it also, especially Roxi!