Monday, October 24, 2011

Clutter me CRAZY!!!!

I have been trying to organize and organize and all that I got so far is clutter!!! So my upstairs spare bedrooms were a mess from my trying to re-organize and classify items...ugh! I have finally finished one bedroom and the other is still waiting.I am trying to convince my bad back that it will be okay if I do a little at a time,right? I just do not have the zeal now.I feel overwhelmed and tired from a stressful week last week.
What I am trying to do is to sort out stuff into 3 categories :Salvation Army,sell and keep. The ones I want to keep are the sentimental stuff.
I'll keep you all posted on how things are going.I hope I can get this done before Thanksgiving! I am trying to give myself enough time to do this.I've got a pinched nerve and arthritis in my spine so the bending and standing aggravates the back.
Wish me luck!

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